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Looking to get started on your next WordPress or Shopify website?

Why a website?


We are now living in an age where digital real estate is king. The faster you can get your business in front of eye balls the better. With that said a website is one of the first things customers look for when researching a business.



How are we better than the rest?


We offer professionalism through the entire process. No gimmicks, or constant changes in price just honest work.

Our design process.

Each service is processed through tiers. You do not pay until you are satisfied with the output from each tier. All tier are designed WITH our clients.

Quality over flashy.


Bells and whistles are great! But if it distracts from the user experience it's not very useful. Quality for us is not just a pretty website, the website should also make sense for your business. Here at ShareTechWorks, this is what we focus on.

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Check out our previous clients.


If you want to see some of the work we have done click here.​

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My name is Melisa Pettaway


I have over five years of experience in Information Technology many of which have been in Software Engineering. My passion for software paired with my Masters in Information Science has shaped how I view the industry. My belief is that software can change lives and improve the relationship between businesses and individuals.

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